Monday, May 25, 2015

Summer House Tour + FREE Printable

I love summer decor! Between general beachiness and the 4th of July, there are a lot of different directions you can go.

A few years ago I found this perfect piece of driftwood around Bridal Veil Falls. I drilled a hole in it for a stick and cut pieces of an old sheet for the sail. I just used white thread to hold the sail in place. It's probably one of my most favorite things!

Another free project I love, is this faux starfish and old fence picket American flag. It's held together with wood glue. I made a flour and salt dough to make the starfish. Then I painted them white and hot glued them in place.

Hint: salt looks a lot like white sand in an apothecary jar.

I had a hard time picking a patriotic song to display. I finally decided on "My Country 'Tis of Thee."

You can download an 8x10 print here.

I created the Abraham Lincoln art with my silhouette machine. 

I'll be happy to leave all this up until fall.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mod Podge Map Chair

I found this chair at the Restore for my son to use at his desk. We both love maps and I thought it would be fun for him to have a map chair in his room. It's not wood and has a laminate like finish, but decided to give mod podge a try.

First, I laid wrapping paper on top of the seat to trace the shape. I cut it out and then used it as a pattern to cut out on the map.

I lightly sanded the top of the chair to rough it up a bit and wiped it clean. Then I used a foam brush to paint a layer of mod podge (affiliate link) on the chair and press the map in place. I painted and pressed in thirds from top to bottom so it wouldn't dry out. I gently used a credit card to smooth out wrinkles as best as I could, but since the map was paper, I was afraid it would tear if I pressed it too hard. After it dried completely, I painted a layer of mod podge on top of the map, taking extra care to seal the edges.

It doesn't have a completely smooth finish. It has that little wrinkly look that mod podge often gives you, but I don't really notice it anymore. It makes it look more vintage-y. My son has sat on this almost every day for the past two years and it hasn't peeled or cracked at all!

I used the other half of the map on the back of a bookcase I fixed up over here.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Two Chair Bench

I ran across these two chairs at a thrift store for $5 each. I thought they would make a great bench.

I cut off the chairs just in front of the back legs and then sanded what would be the sides of my bench.

I found a few benches similarly made on Pinterest and everyone seemed to be in agreement that it worked better to create the frame for the seat directly on the chairs instead of creating a frame first and then drilling it to the sides. So, I marked and cut as I went. 

#1 - I cut and drilled 1x3s to both of the sides
#2 - I cut and drilled 1x3s to the front and back (I made it as wide as it would be if the two chairs were together.)
#3 - I put a support beam in the middle drilling it in the front and back of the frame
#4 -I cut out a rectangle the size of the bench out of 1/2" plywood and set aside for after I was done painting
#5 - I attached these corner braces that were on the original chairs

After all that, the bench felt extremely sturdy, so I didn't feel a need to put supports on the lower legs too.  I painted the frame with two coats of primer and two coats of paint. I had used flat paint, so I sealed it with polyacrylic (it's water based and doesn't yellow the way polyurethane does).
I put some egg carton mattress foam on the seat. Then I covered it in batting and fabric and nailed it in place. The seat fit snugly in between the sides and needed a mallet to gently tap it in place.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

FREE Anne of Green Gables Printable

With the recent passing of Jonathan Crombie, I've been reexploring Anne of Green Gables and ran upon this lovely quote.

You can download an 8x10 pdf here.

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