Thursday, April 9, 2015

Refab a Ceiling Fan

This Thursday, I thought I'd revisit my ceiling fan project from when we first moved in our house in 2012. In terms of decor, I think ceiling fans are sort of hideous. I'd much rather have a glamorous chandelier in every room. However, we have the fans on so much in the summer, they have become almost a necessity. After doing some research, I discovered you could switch out just the light portion of a fan much like you would replace a fixture in another area of your house.

I already had a light that I picked up at a thrift store for a few bucks. I can't find a "before" picture of it, but it looks similar to this one:

Obviously, I was interested in spray painting and keeping the candelabra part, not the outer glass part. But, a ceiling fan with a long compact "chandelier" sticking out the bottom would definitely look odd. I like the look of chandeliers with drum shades around them. I was also starting to see people put drum shades over the lights on their ceiling fans. I decided to combine both!
Here is what I started with:

I unscrewed all the blades, the bottom, and the light, and spray painted everything that was brass a nice glossy white (after turning off the breaker, of course). 

It turns out the set of three lights (A) unscrews from the bottom cap piece (B) that attaches to the fixture. I was able to slip a drum shade over the new light (C) and screw it into the cap piece (B) ready to attach back to the fan. (How often does stuff work out so smoothly?)

I added some magnetic shade charms from Hobby Lobby to make it seem a little more like a chandelier.

I had to make sure the chain that controlled the light was pulled "on" before I shut off power and dismantled things because I just tucked it inside when I attached the new light. (We have a switch to control the light and a separate one to control the fan, so I never miss it).

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  1. Wow, great job on this! I love a great lighting makeover!

  2. Well that's just amazing - it' adds just the right touch of glam
    What a perfect makeover !

  3. The update of the ceiling fan is fantastic!

  4. So glad you have confirmed for me what I had always thought was possible to do with a regular light fixture. I, too had wanted a chandelier light switch for my bedroom fan and couldn't find a kit for under $100. Love this!

  5. That is a really fabulous makeover of an ugly ceiling fan! I love it, and I think I might be able to do that to my daughter's ceiling fan. Thanks for the inspiration! Visiting from Remodelaholic, congrats on the feature!

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