Sunday, January 10, 2016

Tufting an Old Headboard (Using a Tablecloth)

I've been dreaming of a plush tufted headboard for ages. I have a thrifted wooden headboard that I painted a while back and decided to give it a makeover.

Here's what I started with:

I wanted to make it a little taller, so I could sit up in bed and rest my head comfortably on it. I added 2 inches nailing some scrap 2x4s to the bottom of the legs.

To make a flat surface to rest the foam on, I added some scrap wood where there were indents.

Then I figured out a pattern for the buttons and drilled holes.

Foam is expensive and for a king sized headboard, it was going to be about $100 at Joanns (and this was half off on Black Friday). That wasn't happening. I found a 3" piece of multipurpose foam that was almost the size I needed for $25 at Home Depot. I got two using a $5 off a $50 purchase coupon and then cut the second one to fill in where I needed it to. There is still plenty left over for me to use for a bench project I have coming up.

Then I picked out the tufting holes using my fingers.

I wrapped some quilt batting around the top and stapled it in place.

Then I propped it up using some kid tables and laid my tablecloth on top.

I used a tablecloth because upholstery fabric would have cost about $50 for this size project (eek). I've also heard of people using shower curtains. The tablecloth actually is nice for spot cleaning, but I ran into some problems with the polyester fabric running when I was pushing and pulling a thick needle through it with the cord for tufting. Fortunately, this spot is at the bottom and was mostly tucked under the back when I stapled the final product and it's now covered by pillows.

Anyway, back to the tufting. I used extra fabric from the corners of the tablecloth to cover some buttons using a kit. I started in the middle and worked out to the sides. 
I was going to use some waxed nylon cording to hold the buttons in place, but I already had some thick ribbon/ trim on hand and decided to use that. I used a long upholstery needle and pushed up through the hole, strung on the button and then pulled the needle back through. Holding the ribbon as tight as I could, I tied a washer in place and then stapled the ends in a W shape to prevent slipping. The washer will help keep the knot from sliding through the hole.

Tufting complete!

Then I needed to staple the fabric to the back. I tried to create a few pleats to control the fabric as I was tightening and stapling.

Here she is all propped up and ready to be moved in place.

I love it! Just what my room needed!

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