Thursday, April 30, 2015

Using Paintable Wallpaper to Cover Damaged Veneer

I love this 1930s vanity I got from a yard sale a few years back. However, the veneer was cracked and peeling all over. In some places I decided to scrape and sand it off. Then on the sides and tops of the drawers, I decided to try out some paintable wallpaper for a smooth finish. 

I found this Damask Print (affiliate link) on Amazon that was prepasted. I was a little uncertain of the directions, but found a youtube video to clarify how to soak it and fold it on itself for the glue to be activated. It also shrinks a certain amount once it dries. After about a day, I was able to paint it exactly how I painted the rest of the vanity. The drawer liner is from Target.

I folded it under a few inches at the bottom and it actually helped seal the wood that was splitting at the bottom. 

I wanted to use it as a desk, so I added some makeshift legs by cutting off the knobs on a thrifted headboard/footboard.

I love the added texture and touch of femininity the wallpaper gives it! I have a lot left over to have on hand for other projects. I already used some to cover the frame for a mirror for my mirror gallery on the stairs.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Coffee Table Into Tufted Piano Bench

I'd like to share with you the coffee table that I turned into a sturdy piano bench. I really wanted a bench that would be long enough for more than one person to sit on it at a time. 

I started with this coffee table that I got at the Restore.

It was a little too wide for a bench. I had a piece of foam left over from an ottoman I built, so I decided to cut the table top down to the size of my foam.

Yep, that should still be long enough for more than one person.

After tracing the foam on top of the table, I unscrewed all the pieces of the legs and sides. I took a picture so I'd remember how to put it back together.

Once I cut it down, I placed the four legs on and figured out how much to cut down the side pieces. Here they are sitting on the newly cut down table top before I drilled everything back into place.

I don't have many pictures of the tufting process (this was done pre-blogging), but there are many tufting tutorials out there. I drilled six holes in the tabletop and foam (really just ripping the foam by hand) where I wanted my fabric covered buttons to go. I added a layer of batting and my fabric. Using an upholstery needle and roman shade string I pulled the buttons through and then zig zag stapled them with knots to hold in place. The next time I tuft, I'm also tying a washer on the string close to the hole to keep it from slipping back through.

There wasn't a lot of overhang to tuck the fabric under to staple. Perhaps I should have added an 1/8" all the way around the tabletop before I cut it. 

It's worked well for 4 years. I love how sturdy it is.

I could possibly add a hinge and make a box inside the frame to hold music someday. Hmm...

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Friday, April 17, 2015

FREE Jane Austen Printable

As I'm working on the finishing touches for my built-in shelves, I created a Jane Austen printable of this quote from Pride and Prejudice. My husband saw this and said, "Yeah, that was before TV." Haha! Still, there is something especially enjoyable about cuddling up under a blanket with a truly good book.

Here it is in a cute little thrift store frame that I spray painted.

You can download the 8x10 pdf version here

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