Monday, January 19, 2015

Tiling Backsplash in a Bay Window with Rounded Corners

I really wasn't sure how tiling back splash would work in this space with the bay window. How would I deal with the rounded corners? Should I keep the tile the same height all the way around the windows? 

I started working from the right to left and kept it low behind the sink with the idea that I might bring it up higher.

But, I liked it how it was, just to the window. If I took it up further, I'd be dealing with cutting the small tiles even smaller to fit around molding and curves in the wall, which would make it challenging to keep them from cracking. And, the walls and windows were not very even or similarly level.

Also, the corners where the tile met up had a gap since the rounded corner was turning into a sharp one. This meant there would be a lot of adhesive filler, but it seemed easier to maintain if it stayed shorter than if it went all the way up to the cabinet. 

Since this meant the end of the tile would be visible, any pieces that were cut, I took off the mesh and flipped them around so the finished part was visible instead of the cut part.

There also was a bit of a gap in this area between the counter top and the wall, which it why the caulking line is so thick here.

I like it and I guess that's all that matters! See the rest of my Kitchen Reveal here!


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  2. Hi! I love this tile! Can you tell me what color grout you used? I don't know whether to go antique white or bright white. Thanks!

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