Monday, January 5, 2015

Painted Countertop (Giani Granite) Review - 2.5 Years Later

One of the first things I did when we moved in our house was paint our kitchen counters. I really wanted granite counter tops, but with all the expenses that come with moving in a new house, we decided to wait a few years before we made another large purchase. In the meantime, I used a Giani Granite Paint Kit For Counter tops in Bombay Black (affiliate link) to glam things up, cover a few chips, and add contrast to the cabinets (which were soon to be painted white).

This is the only "before" picture I can find with the original counter tops. 

The painted counter tops looked great...

but, let me be honest, we're pretty hard on our counter tops. Also, I am seriously the only one in our house who actually wipes down counter tops. Anything liquid or sticky that got spilled on it would have to wait until I noticed it and then wiped it down.

Some problems I encountered:
 * If there was anything wet or sticky on the counter top (and there often was) and anything paper or cardboard was put on top, it adhered to the counter like glue. I would sometimes peel off paint when ripping and scrubbing the paper off.  
* Messes need to be cleaned up immediately or they are challenging to get off.
* The paint wore off around the corners and around the sink. I did attempt to patch it in a few places, but it wasn't a perfect solution.
* Even though the top protective layer hardened nicely, after a year or so, I could never get it to feel clean. No matter how much I washed and wiped, it still sort of felt sticky.

My final recommendation:
I think it makes a good short term solution to upgrade your counter tops, but after a few years it will probably need to be replaced with something nicer, unless you are very meticulous and don't live with a lot of messy non-wiping counter people :)


  1. That is really beautiful, Emily. The first photo really does look just like granite. Your mom had told me when you first did them, that you finished them in a bright blue----it doesn't look blue at all to me.

  2. Would adding a coat of polyurethane help?

    1. The top coat in the kit is a lot like polyurethane (it might actually be).

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