Thursday, August 24, 2017

Entertainment Center Rabbit Hutch

I've been wanting to repurpose an entertainment center into a fancy, multi-level rabbit condo for our bunny, Barry. I finally found the perfect piece on craigslist for $20.

First, I removed all the divider pieces inside so I could rearrange it into three equal levels. This was probably the most time consuming part of the whole project.

Then I started sanding things down and priming while I played around with where to put jumping holes and ramps.

I decided on a non-toxic gray paint.

Then, I glued down trash bags on the floor surface and attached some peel and stick vinyl flooring.

 I reattached the back, cut out tunnels and holes, and made some ramps out of scrap wood.

I made some simple door frames and stapled some chicken wire inside.

I attached a hay rack above the litter box. 

The bottom doors make a ramp so he can hop in and out.

Ta-da! I was able to repurpose most of the wood and hardware from the entertainment center into this project!