Thursday, April 17, 2014

DIY Decorative Air Intake Grate

The air intakes in my house are getting old and bent up, so I decided to make some more decorative ones.


Materials Needed:
1x2 pieces of wood
Decorative Metal Sheet (I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
Tin snips
Wood glue
Hot glue gun
White paint
Optional: black paint (to paint the inside of the wall behind the grate)

I started by measuring the grate to decide how tall and wide I should make it. I only wanted to buy one sheet of metal, so I kept that in account.

The metal sheet would not be long enough to cover the whole opening, so I cut the sheet in half lengthwise and then cut one of those pieces in half to add to the side.

In order to hide the add on piece, I used 1x2s to divide it into 3rds. I glued all the pieces together with wood glue and then hot glued the sheet metal to the back.

 Here you can see the piece added on.

Then I flipped it over and spray painted it white.

Since you can see through the grate more than a typical wall grate, I painted the inside of the wall black to make it less visible.

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